Sunshine Tent & Party provides quality party and event rental services in the Southern New England
region. (see
: Tent Rentals Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) We are a full
service rental company that is
family owned and operated. Our product lines include party tents,
dance floors, tent flooing, tables, chairs, linens.

Our new line of custom made
sail clothe fabric high peak tents create romantic lighting effect
without the negatives of additional center poles. These tents also have valances that help keep
rain and wind from spoiling your party.
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Tents are available in two basic types. Tents without center poles are called frame
tents. Tents with center poles are called pole tents. We also offer pole tents without
center poles using our
Vista Span rafter sets. Pole tents are available in high peak or
traditional styles.

Another term commonly associated with pole tents is the canopies. These cheaper
tents are made with light weight fabrics that are sewn together rather than welded
seal tight. Canopies are usually limited to light rains and wind. Unless you live in an
area of the country that rarely has severe weather, its best to stick with heavy duty

All of our tents including our sail clothe tents are made of bright white vinyl with
welded seams. We never recommend using colored tents. Everything under a
colored tent will take on the hue of the tent (This ruins your pictures). Be careful of sail
clothe tents! Some manufactures use fabric that give of a yellow to brown hue that
will also impact pictures.

Sail clothe tents are usually pole style tents. This style tent utilizes light weight fabrics
that allow light to filter in and out of a tent. Sail clothe tents can be constructed
similar to light weight canopies or much stronger and weather resistant heavy duty
tents. Our Vistabay Sail Clothe tents are custom made in the stronger heavy duty type
of construction and offer the ultimate in weather resistance in a sail clothe fabric tent.
We can also eliminate one or more of the center poles using our Vista Span rafter sets.

Frame tents usually are more expensive to rent than pole tents. A rental company
may have to use a frame tent rather than a pole tent in difficult areas. The staking
requirements and clearances for pole tents are less flexible than frame style tents.
Frame tents can be installed closer to buildings and obstacles, (see: tented site
requirements). Frame tents have a full frame constructed of aluminium tubing to
support the tent fabric. The metal frame can be concealed using a
tent liner. Large
frame tents are only available in the non-high peak style.

Tents cost thousands of dollars to purchase and are only new the first time they are
used. It is very unlikely that your going to get a brand new tent. Tent condition should
be discussed with any company your renting from. If your event is later in the wedding
season or your researching tent companies a year in advance, you may be able to
visit the tent your intending to rent.

A rental company that is primarily servicing the tented wedding customer will usually
take great care to only install clean tents that are in good condition. Wedding tents
are not only seen by you and your guests. They are also seen by entertainers, caterers,
florists, party planners and decorators. If a company is delivering dirty tents in poor
condition their reputation in the wedding industry will be tarnished rather quick.