Sunshine Tent & Party provides quality party and event rental services in the Southern New England
region. (see
: Tent Rentals Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) We are a full
service rental company that is
family owned and operated. Our product lines include party tents,
dance floors, tent flooing, tables, chairs, linens.

Our new line of custom made
sail clothe fabric high peak tents create romantic lighting effect
without the negatives of additional center poles. These tents also have valances that help keep
rain and wind from spoiling your party.
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What you should look for in a party rental company!
Back in the 80's, well before starting Sunshine Tent & Party we hosted our first tented
event. A family 35th anniversary party we were hosting at our home.  We chose the
party rental company our caterer recommended. This company seemed to know
what they were doing and told us what we would need.  

The tent was to be setup the morning of the event (Saturday) and taken down on the
following Monday. This would give us time to decorate and a day to clean up. To our
dismay the tent showed up late and we only had minutes decorate and setup the
tables and chairs (We thought the quote included the setup of chairs and tables).

Even though the tent was on the small side, the party still went well. The following day
the rental company showed up early to remove the tent, we had to rush to take
down our decorations. Adding insult to injury we got back billed because the table
and chairs were not folded and stacked . We refused to pay these charges because
they showed up a day early. They eventually waived the charges.

Choosing a rental company that has a good reputation in the wedding area is very
important. Contracts can define many details, but are still subject to interpretation.
Whether it is determined that a rental company lived up to a contract is not going to
give back your wedding day. The reputation of a rental company takes years to build
up. A company will work hard to keep a good reputation.

If you get recommendations from a caterer make sure they don't have financial
connections with the party rental company they are recommending. This is common
occurrence that goes on between caterers and party rental companies. (
We are
proud to say we have no agreements with any caterers, party planners or events
companies. We recommend caterers based on quality and if a caterer recommends
us it is solely based on our quality

When considering recommendations from family and friends, be aware of what
type of parties they've had. Small simple parties are easy for most companies to do a
reasonable job.  Weddings and large parties are a different matter. If your not sure a
company specializes in tented weddings, then they probably don’t.