Sunshine Tent & Party provides quality party and event rental services in the Southern New England
region. (see
: Tent Rentals Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) We are a full
service rental company that is
family owned and operated. Our product lines include party tents,
dance floors, tent flooing, tables, chairs, linens.

Our new line of custom made
sail clothe fabric high peak tents create romantic lighting effect
without the negatives of additional center poles. These tents also have valances that help keep
rain and wind from spoiling your party.
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Decorations enhance the
beauty and the personal
nature of your party.
Decorations can tie table
treatments, floral arrangements
lighting treatments all
together. Many of our
customers perform their own

If you are considering attaching
anything to our tents or to any
other rental equipment
contact us first. This can save
you allot of headaches.

If your using a professional
decorator you are responsible
for any damage they may

Make sure your decorations are
removed before our crew
arrives to remove the tent. You
are responsible for the cost of
any delays or expenses that we
may occur due to your