Sunshine Tent & Party provides quality party and event rental services in the Southern New England
region. (see
: Tent Rentals Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) We are a full
service rental company that is
family owned and operated. Our product lines include party tents,
dance floors, tent flooing, tables, chairs, linens.

Our new line of custom made
sail clothe fabric high peak tents create romantic lighting effect
without the negatives of additional center poles. These tents also have valances that help keep
rain and wind from spoiling your party.
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Party tents and Insurance (things you should know) Most party rental companies carry the proper insurance, but not all. The two
types of insurance that a party rental company should have is General Liability (this insurance covers damages to property and
persons that result from work performed by the company) and Workman's Comp (This insurance covers injury to workers
including when there on your property). If any contractor or service company doesn't have both these insurances you shouldn't
have them working on your property.

If your a home owner damage to rented equipment while in your possession is usually covered under your home owners policy.  
Be on your guard when a  party rental company is selling damage waivers. We have completed thousands of jobs and not one
of our customers would have benefited from this type of insurance. In the rare event of a tent failure the basic insurances that
companies and home owners carry protect the customer. Many companies charge 15% of the rental amount for providing  
insurance that has little or no value. If your still tempted to purchase this type of insurance read the fine print on the rental  
agreement and the insurance policy.  
Permitting and party tents Erection of tents is exempt from Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (CSL). Technically only
CSL, licenced contractors and property owners can pull a building permit. The reality is that local building inspectors interpret
permitting requirements for tents differently from town to town. Most towns require filling out a permit and paying a fee and
providing certificate fire resistance to issue a permit.

Some companies charge a customer as much as $250.00 just for assisting you with attaining a permit. For most jobs we assist the
customer with no additional charge.
We warn all of our clients to watch out for the hidden costs and fees! These costs can be hidden
many different ways.
Not all party tents are the same! The two basic types of tents are frame and pole. Pole tents also come in two basic styles, High
Peak and Traditional. High peak has the swoops up to a peak, traditional doesn't have the swoops and is shaped similar to a
hip roof house. There are no advantages from one style to the other. The center poles are  shorter on a traditional style tent. If
you have over head tree branches that limits height a traditional style tent may work better.

Tents are made out of two different types of fabric; Translucent- fabric that lets some light through and Block out- fabric that
blocks all light. Day time events with little or no lighting translucent works better. If a tent is being fully lighted both types of
material are OK.

Wind resistance is another concern. For most parties and events a tent is up for 2 to 7 days. In New England the weather
changes quickly. Most tents when installed correctly will handle wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. Recently there have been
companies that are marketing light weight tents. These tents cant handle the severe weather of the heavier duty tents. Some
customers prefer the look of the lite weight tents, but if they cant stand up in bad weather, keep your fingers crossed.

If your taking pictures under a tent or are concerned about presentations that involve color, never use a tent that is colored or
has color stripes. Everything under a colored tent takes on the color of the tent.

Tent Condition  is basically by opinion. There are no recognized standard s to grade the condition and cleanliness of a tent. The
best way to deal with this is checking references. Also, you can request the locations and dates of public gatherings where a
companies tents are to be setup and check out the quality and condition for yourself.