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family owned and operated. Our product lines include party tents,
dance floors, tent flooing, tables, chairs, linens.

Our new line of custom made
sail clothe fabric high peak tents create romantic lighting effect
without the negatives of additional center poles. These tents also have valances that help keep rain
and wind from spoiling your party.
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Tented Party Rental Costs
The first thing I learned about party planning is to put together some kind of budget. Or
at least a total amount that be can spent on a party. Every client I have ever met with
had  some idea what was a realistic total to spend on their reception.

I take great pride in
working with a client to help them cost effectively put together the
party they envisioned. When you talk to us about "your party" we try to get a feel for
what your trying to do. Outdoor receptions can be very casual to very formal. Over the
years I found that each customer has their own unique personality. Our success is
measured on how well we can help a client put the right ingredients together to have
the day they dreamed of on a budget they can work with.

Some rental companies post per item rates. Theoretically, if a customer knew exactly
what they needed and their were no other costs associated with the rental you could
figure the total rental amount by these posted rates. In reality most parties are more
complicated and have special provisions that can only be quoted on a case by case
basis. The rates charged for services can very widely from company to company
leaving the per item rental rates virtually useless in comparing one company to another.

We have found per item rate totals compared to rentals quoted with accurate and
comprehensive information very widely.  

We spend the time working with a  client to get the information needed to provide an
accurate quote for the total  job so there are no surprise charges later. We  give a
variety of options on how to effectively get what you want.  Our quotes are itemized so
you can modify the quote to fit your budget. Our goal is to work with you to get what
you need as cost effectively as possible.

From a cost per head perspective, a party rental  with tent, tables and chairs with
delivery and setup can be as low as $5.00 per head and go all the way up over $25.00
per head. The equipment and service needed for a back yard barbecue is very
different than a full blown catered wedding reception.

If your comparing quotes from company to company be sure you compare all costs
accurately. Some rental companies have lower grade tents and equipment or quote
using smaller tents and cramming more guests per table. Also, important details such as
delivery and setup provisions may be left out. If information like the access to you
property is left out of a quote and your site is limited you could get hit with a large last
minute labor charge. The old saying of comparing apples with apples and oranges with
oranges definitely applies to party rentals.

Why have a tented event?
Like most brides I wanted my wedding day to reflect what my future husband and I
were about. I found early on in the planning that the banquet facility I had chosen was
not very receptive to what I was attempting to do. Simple things like having a bottle of
our chosen wine on each table required conditions and restrictions. We wanted to
decorate the room  but due to timing restrictions we could do very little decorating.
Virtually all aspects of our wedding reception had restrictions placed on us by the
banquet facility.

When everything was said and done our wedding reception went off smooth and I
believe all of our guests had a great time, but admittedly due to the restrictions placed
on us by the banquet facility our reception ended up fairly cookie cutter in nature. In
fact the house party we hosted after the reception was the most unique part or the day.

I believe the most desirable aspect of the private tented event is
flexibility! You can
make your wedding day truly yours and not what a banquet manager is willing to
approve or disapprove.

Timing is a big advantage with a tented event. Many banquet facilities turn over rooms
and book multiple weddings on a weekend. This can severely limit any custom
decorating that you want to do. We usually setup tents up 2 or 3 days before the event
and pickup 2 or 3 days after. This gives your decorators and florists plenty of time to
decorate and remove decorations.

And of course their is the issue when your event can start and end. My wedding
reception  had to be completely out of the banquet facility by a certain time (including
our decorations). We ended up having to put on a party after our reception. With a
tented event you decide when you want your party to end. Again its your day, you
should decide how long it will last.

Tented events and banquet facilities have one important thing in common. A customer
is renting out space to house there event. The important difference is that a banquet
facility is only available for a few hours and the tent is available for  several days.

Privacy has been an issue with some couples. We've had celebrity clients and non-
traditional couples that wanted there event truly private. It can be very difficult for a
customer to monitor who is observing there party in a banquet facility. Thats why many
celebrity weddings are held at private residences as tented events.

We have some families that are looking to save money over using a banquet facility
and in many cases this can hold true. When you total up all the costs of a wedding
reception the tented  reception can be much more cost effective. Just an open bar at
a banquet facility can cost more than a complete party tent rental. If your comparing
cost, compare all costs to get accurate bottom line comparison.

What you should look for in a party rental company!
Our first tented party was in the mid 80's. A family 35th anniversary party we were
hosting at our home.  We chose the party rental company our caterer recommended.
This company seemed to know what they were doing and told us what we would

The tent was to be setup the morning of the event (Saturday) and taken down on the
following Monday. This would give us time to decorate and a day to clean up. To our
dismay the tent was late and we only minutes to setup the tables and chairs (
thought the quote included the setup of chairs and tables
)also we had rush putting up
our decorations.

Even though the tent was on the small side, the party still went well. The following day
the rental company showed up early to remove the tent, we had to rush to take down
our decorations and we got back billed because the table and chairs were not folded
stacked . We refused to pay these charges because they  showed up a day early. They
eventually waived the charges.

Between our own personal experiences and listening to our customers. We have learned
much about how the party rental industry operates. Below are some simple but
important points you should consider when choosing your party rental service provider.

Recommendations from a reliable sources are always the most desirable way to
choose any service provider, but their are some important issues to consider in weighing
out the value of recommendations when it comes to party rentals.

  • If you get recommendations from a caterer make sure they don't have financial
    connections with the party rental company they are recommending. This is common
    occurrence that goes on between caterers and party rental companies. (We are
    proud to say we have no agreements with any caterers, party planners or events
    companies. We recommend caterers based on quality and if a caterer recommends
    us it is solely based on our quality)

  • When considering recommendations from families and friends, be aware of what
    type of parties they've had. Small simple parties are easy for most companies to do
    a reasonable job.  Weddings and large parties are a different matter.

  • Stick to a party rental company and not a rent-all company. Most rent-all
    companies have party rentals as a side line to machinery rentals. Even though party
    rentals seem very similar. Party rentals are very specialized. And have little in
    common with equipment rentals.

  • Choose a company thats willing to work with you. Good customer service is
    Important! Sadly, some companies attempt to sell you on expensive add-ons that
    you don't need to boost the bottom line profits.  If a customer service representative
    is pushy or wants to dominate your vision of what you want for your party, its best to
    look at another company (We work hard to accommodate your needs but we will
    not do anything thats unsafe or not practical).

  • Choose reliability over glitz. Some companies are marketing products (including
    tents) that cant hold up in poor weather. This is New England and weather changes
    quick. You should feel confident that some wind gusts or rain should not spoil your
    event.(We are proud to say after thousands of events we have never had one
    canceled or postponed due to bad weather!)

  • Don't be afraid to check references. References are important,  but mean nothing
    unless you check them. Also, take in consideration the source or the reference. Most
    institutional rentals have little in common with the requirements of private parties.
    Again don't compare apples to oranges.