Sunshine Tent & Party provides quality party and event rental services in the Southern New England
region. (see
: Tent Rentals Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) We are a full
service rental company that is
family owned and operated. Our product lines include party tents,
dance floors, tent flooing, tables, chairs, linens.

Our new line of custom made
sail clothe fabric high peak tents create romantic lighting effect
without the negatives of additional center poles. These tents also have valances that help keep
rain and wind from spoiling your party.
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Frame Tents
Frame tents have a metal tube structure that supports the tent
fabric. This structure does not rely on the tent stakes to keep the
tent fabric tensioned. This allows flexibility when staking a tent.
This flexibility allows frame tents to be placed closely to buildings
and other structures that could not be done with a pole style

The lack of any center poles in a frame tent allows for greater
flexibility when laying-out a tent plan. Visibility is also slightly
better in a frame tent.

In some cases weights can be used in place of stakes. Even
heavy weights are not as good at holding a tent in place as a
stake. This can limit the amount of wind a tent can handle
before it becomes unsafe to occupy. Using weights instead of
stakes should be the last choice for installing a tent.

When you should choose a frame tent!
  • Installing a tent close to building or over decks and patios.
  • Loose soil or ledge limits staking.
  • Walkways or underground obstacles limit staking.
  • Special lay-outs that center poles would interfere with.
  • Tent liners look much better in a frame tent (we only line
    frame tents).

Other things to consider when choosing a frame tent!
  • Frame tents are more expensive and require more labor
    than a pole tent. Rental rates for frame tents are 20% to
    40% more than the same size pole tent.
  • A large frame tent requires hundreds of linear feet of metal
    tubing to support the tent fabric. All this tubing gives a
    frame tent a commercial look. A tent liner can conceal the
    tubing, but is an additional expense.
  • Large frame tents are only available in the traditional style.
  • The maximum practical width of a frame style party tent is
    40 feet. There is no limit on length.

Pole Tents
Pole tents use center poles or our vista span rafter sets to support
the tent fabric. The tent fabric is tightly tensioned to keep the
tent from collapsing. All the tensioning is held by the stakes. Pole
tent staking must be strong and in the correct positions to
support the tension load. This limits the flexibility when staking.
Improperly staked tents can collapse in relatively light winds. A
properly staked pole can handle severe winds in excess of 60
miles per hour.

When you should choose a pole tent!
  • If you have a open area that has no staking limitations.
  • When you don't plan on using a tent liner.
  • If you want the most space with the lowest cost.
  • If you want the look of a high peak tent.
  • if you require a tent over 40 feet wide.
  • The center poles can be removed using our Vista Span
    rafter sets. This allows the unlimited lay out choices similar to
    a frame style tent.

Overall, most of the parties including wedding receptions use the
pole style tent. Budget is a great concern when planning an
event. When budget is a concern a pole tent is definitely the
way to go.

Lined frame tents have an elegant look that cannot be
matched by any other style of tent. But if your party is casual and
your site allows, the pole tent is better looking than a unlined
basic frame tent.

Frame tent with optional tent liner

Basic Frame Tent

Pole Tent